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Mission Statement
We intend to provide unsurpassed service together with high-end results through out employees, Each individual engaged in providing a product or service to out customers is required to putting forth all necessary effort in meeting the goals of the organization.
  • To strive for the prevention of defects through continual training with emphasis on quality improvement and a “Do It Right The First Time” approach.
  • To design, manufacture, and deliver on time, a product of consistently high quality that will perform as expected.
  • To maintain service quality in an economical and expeditious manner emphasizing customer satisfaction.
  • to openly communicate and work with all employees with the organization in all areas of product and service for improvements and performance integrity.
  • throughout the order process and then from the point of where the goods leave the factory to the time the good arrive at the client’s door and far into the product's working life, we have a duty of care to that product and client. Maintaining the manufactured quality of our products is paramount and we will strive to prevent defects and bad workmanship through a continual quality monitoring and recording process.
  • Mistake are avoidable and should not be accepted as the norm. The discipline of doing things “Right The First Time” needs to be routine.
-Craig Gallant, President

Quality Policy
G.T.P. is fully dedicated to continual improvement in all phases of business (technical and administrative) at every level, to include all activities, in order to better serve our customers, stakeholders, employees, suppliers and the community in which we work.

-Craig Gallant, President

G.T.P. is continuously developing late model street and racing cylinder heads everything from small block Ford to Lamborghini V12 done in house by hand. Major contenders in the Early LS1 Chevrolet days, GTP LS1 heads are still highly prized. With the advent of our 5-Axis Haas CNC machine in early 2008 we are now able to greatly speed up the custom order cylinder head of your dreams. All cylinder heads are still hand ported and finished, but the bulk of material removal has been carefully digitized to speed it up. Your custom ordered cylinder heads are completed in 1-2 weeks!
We offer standard Street, Street/Strip, and Race levels of cylinder head along with a large selection of different camshafts.

Craig Gallant (Owner, machinist, head porter)
Craig, owner of GTP, has a very long history in the automotive performance industry, dating back to the early 1980’s. From 1982 to 1983 Craig began at Texas Greyrock Racing which competed at the national level. Here he started as an apprentice mechanic specializing in suspension tech and eventually became pit chief for the nationally recognized road race company. After Texas Greyrock, Craig started working for Judson Massingill at Northwest Racing Engines from 1984-1985. At Northwest Racing Engines, Craig worked in Cylinder Head development which focused on street cars to road race vehicles in large volume which is based out of Houston, TX. After leaving Northwest, he went to work at Texas Turbo from 1986-1988. Texas Turbo Specialized in turbocharged V6/V8/V10 in every format. Here Craig built numerous head/manifold combinations for high powered street and strip cars to full on exhibition vehicles. While here Craig has done extensive flow bench work for high boost and high efficiency turbo systems. From 1988 to 1992 Craig started at Nickens Brothers Racing. Nickens built national level competition eliminator and super stock engines. Craig helped develop the cylinder heads and sheet metal intakes as well as designing cast intakes for race engine development. While at Nickens the team won many national titles and set and reset numerous records during his employment there. 

Brian (Head Porter, Machinist)
Originally from Northern California, Brian has been in the cylinder head industry 30+ years. He began working at Nickens Brother in the mid 80's and that is where he met Craig. After Craig left, Brian followed and has been working at G.T.P. since.

Ben (Machinist, Head Porter)
From the roots of Mexico, Ben has been in the industry for close to 40 years. Ben put in many years at Canels Racing, who competed in open wheel road racing. On top of working at Canels Ben, has had experience with Forumla and Indy Car team likewise. Ben began working at G.T.P in 2002, and has been a tremendous employee ever since.

J.R. (Machinist, Head Porter)
From northern Wisconsin, J.R.’s engine building career started when he was 14, being that he couldn’t afford to pay someone to do his dirty work. From there he gained interest, and grew into a lifestyle. He took all of the machining and small engine classes that were available to him through his high school career. Throughout high school, he work at Art’s snowmobile & ATV Salvage. While at Art’s, J.R. was elbows deep in grease and oil. He also raced ATV MX for Art’s, as well as doing his own engine work. He has stood on the podium many times as well as winning many year end points awards. After high school, He attended the University of Wisconsin – Stout for Mechanical Design. In 2011, realizing that the office setting wasn’t his cup of tea, he moved to Houston, Tx and attended the School of Automotive Machinists enrolling in their cylinder head program which he completed in June of 2012. At the same time starting at S.A.M., he started at G.T.P. From there the rest has been history.

Kary (Machinist, Head Porter)
Originally from the greater Houston area, Kary likewise attended the School of Automotive Machinists. He enrolled and completed the engine block & cylinder head programs and is currently enrolled in the CNC program. Kary started in the spring of 2013 and is working his way up the ladder.
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